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Welcome to SEAGLE AIR - FTO

Flight training school SEAGLE AIR – FTO is a holder of approved flight training organization certificate FTO SK/02 and provides professional training from the beginning till the level of a professional pilot.

Trainings in Flight Training School SEAGLE AIR – FTO match the standards JAR – FCL 1, issued by Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA) and are run under the supervision of instructors with experiences from huge world known air operators. The fleet contains modern aircrafts, which are up to the strict safety standards and correspond to the schemes of individual/particular trainings.

  • training to obtain the private pilot license PPL(A)
  • modul training to obtain the commercial pilot license CPL(A)
  • training to obtain and restore the qualification – SEPL(A)
  • training to obtain the qualification – MEP(L)
  • training to obtain the qualification VFR night
  • training to obtain the qualification IR(A) SE and IR(A) ME
  • training to converse the qualification IR(A) SE to IR(A) ME
  • training to obtain and restore the qualification FI(A)
  • training to obtain the qualification CRI ME SPA
  • training of theory ATPL(A)
  • training to obtain the ICAO English appendix

Before the opening of any of the above-mentioned trainings, the participant must obtain certificate of health ability. The entry (periodical) medical check-ups are done by Letecka vojenska hospital in Kosice or any other non-government (private) medical centres, accredited to do so. Due to the rules implementation JAR-FCL, it is possible to do the medical check-up at any member country of JAA (e.g. ULZ Prague). All necessities related to the medical check-up will be arranged from our side.

During the training each of the student must undergo the exams on Telecommunications authority of Slovak Republic, where he/she obtains the radiotelephonist license, which enables him/her to service the radio station.

All kinds of training are done at the Trenčín airport. However, based on your requirements we are able to land the aircraft at any airport.


Training PPL(A)

The target of the training for obtaining the qualification license of the private pilot PPL (A) is to teach the student how to fly safely and effectively according to the rules for VFR flights.

Entry requirements

  • minimum age required 17 years of age
  • valid medical qualification – 2. grade


Nočné lety VFR

individuálna teória ZDARMA! 

Ponúkame Vám:

  • osobitný prístup
  • maximálna flexibilita
  • lietadlo Diamond DA-40-180
  • Glasscockpit G1000, IFR vybavenie
  • inštruktori - dopravní piloti
  • nočné lety nad Slovenskom a ČR
  • možná individuálna zľava

Training MEP(L)

The target of the training for obtaining the class qualification for multiple engine airplanes MEP (L) is to train the private pilot, PPL (A) license holder to the level required for successful accomplishment of certification to the concerned class.

Entry requirements

  • valid qualification license PPL(A)
  • minimum 70 flight hours as a leading pilot on single engine airplanes

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